Wednesday, October 27, 2010

When In Sixth Year, Do As The Sixth Years Do

The last post was an olive branch for the past two months of silence. COME BACK TO THE FOLD READERS? FORGIVE ME?

Sixth year really is as chaotic as you tumblr kids make it out to be, and I've been dividing my time between learning my brain to ash and drinking my ash plus becoming addicted to work and 17 million other things I'll probably rant about here. All this has left me with no time in between for ol' cultureeatsme.

But I've had an epiphany, as i huddle in the traditional october tundra that descends on our house, listening to Tom Waits and my phone vibrate with another text either about vomit or maidhc o dainín jokes; I Miss The Blog. That flirtacious vertical line that flicks on and off at the start of the page, the minutes spent visually raping weheartit for inspiration, the grey 'Draft Autosaved' label that seems to say "Don't worry babe, I got this", and of course the congratulatory View The Post button that flickers onto the screen afterwards with a jaunty exclamation mark. Oh YES, I have missed this.* So my decision is: a post a week. Minimum. YOU HEARD ME, I can do it. Also the writing shouldn't be that bad since it'll be condensed & probably as I now have a marvellously epoc jean-ius as an english teacher. Thnks fr tha last 5 yrz again Ruáin. Anyway I'd be far too depressed if I came back in June and there was still a Scott Pilgrim rant under the now (almost) unfunny masthead. So prepare for a revival people. Stay tuned.♥

First I think this video deserves some space:

* I'm not having sex with the blog, even though it really sounds it

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