Saturday, March 27, 2010

Nostalgia 4evz

Good week to be living in the past:

Can I say that I know John Lennon loved this record?
Yeah I'm pretty much going to use this blog as a chance to shove music down throats. Listen. Now. Go!

Shtory of the Wesht Shide

God bless Bernstein *cough and Sondheim*.
Written in 1957, these songs have still got that je ne sais quoi, I'd better not go off on a Musicology rant about the C tritone...
Other than the actual music, this production looked swell, loads of great screenshots there, and such gorgeous costumes! Noteable also was the apperanace of former Coláiste girl Kelly-Ann Murphy as one of the American girls! Wooop! Malheureusement Maria didn't really dazzle here, I guess I am biased about the Spanish accent :S But Tony's voice at times outshone hers...and quite randomly some anonymous sgirl came on stage and sang 'There's a Place For Us'. Hum.

HAMLET, Prince of Denmark

Yes, another Shakespeare show with a new take, admittedly not as new as WSS but this production by Second Nature Theatre Company gives us the story of the loveable rogue (and peasant slave, hyuk hyuk!!) set in the 19th century or thereabouts, all bowties and swallow coats, vair nice. It was pretty darn amazing. Hamlet was completely enthralling, most interestingly, I thought, were his soliloquies which grew respectively more coherent, as against David Tennant's quivering mess by the time poor Ophelia gets a word in. Polonius was excellent, all stooped and full of double-entendres, though devastatingly his parting word were omitted! Apart from a rather stiff Claudius it was brilliant, and thankfully due to my poor grasp on middle English I only just got the jist of Acts 4 and 5 so plenty to gasp at left in class...
Still enjoying Lolita, courtesy of Martha, my very own nymphet, c.20 days my senior...
Of course one must keep in touch with modern culture and so I am fervently looking forward to my catch-up episode of GLEE tomorrow.
Peace out.

Sprrringgg Breaaaakkkkk!

"Life is too ironic to fully understand.
It takes sadness to know what happiness is. Noise to appreciate silence. And absence to value presence".

Thursday, March 25, 2010


I'm on my 3rd day off sick from school, and let me tell you: THE NOVELTY IS WEARING OFF. Not that we're doing anything in school atm ofc. On the first day I slept for 17 hours. YEAH, thats more than a day. On the second day, I made a Macca Shrine and watched all 13 hours of The Lord Of The Rings. Today, I discovered THIS:

"A semi-black photo?", I hear you ask. Nope, this is Robert Sheehan AKA Nathan from my new favourite show Misfits. "So this is your sexual awakening or something?". THATS ENOUGH NOW READER! But boyy, I would die to be that table.. Misfits is basically a folie à deux from Marianne that I FINALLY got around to watching. It is epic. I heart everything about it..people say its like Skins meets Heroes meets The Inbetweeners but its mooooree..I Man do I have a way with words today! :-S It reminds me of this great show Life As We Know It that I saw during ma early teens..hmm I'm rambling. But just know that Robert Sheehan is a god and I love him. MOVINONN.. Also I had to finish this gay* article for Ruain** called "Get Thee To A Nunnery!" (hopefully i can still go to Hamlet tomoz btw), so I sorta Pavlovian-Conditioned myself with this insane new site I found, called Might be a new addiction. Its where people design bithcin' t-shirts and then hold competitions to make cakes out of those images. CAKES&TSHIRTSAAAAHHH! So it pretty much is the reason I did that retaaarrddeedd article, just so I could look at thetm afterwards. These are my four favourites:

They're actually works of art!
What could be better than cakes AND t-shirts on a sick day?
Martha ♥♥♥
*I'm not a homophobe i swear!
** Please never read this PLEASE

Sunday, March 21, 2010

"We've been investigating things beginning with the letter M"

Just back from Tramore (O happiest of sanctuaries)..its 9 on a sunday and I'm going to bed ASAP cause my oesophagus has been trampled amidst the fun. :-S BAARF! So Imma compose a Eight Things I Hate About You list instead: (its a love list but whatevs)
Awkward Buffalo, the over..there! fingers, double-voiced conscience (“She’s too young”, “She’s Not Young Enough”), The Talking Fridge, abusive mother, verbal hugs ("Keep Cliodhna happy!" "Kill the Asian one!"), overused middle-fingers, “Was it rubber? PVC?”, the Jamie-&-Caoimhe-cars XD, “I don’t remember that cause I was never RETARDEDDD!”, failed prank calls, naked pictures, “D’ja loike directin’, do ya? *tssshhhppppsha*”Arty-choke, FOR-YO-FAN-SH, Baby-flares, BIG WAVE a la tsunami, elbow crease porn, THAT BADMINTON INCIDENT, classy lady tattoo, the bucket, WE NAILED ALOT, whoooo are youuuu? whooooos heeeeee?, mmDOOOO!, waterford matthew and personified animals. I’ve forgotten about a million so feel free to add s’more.
THAT Cinema
We went to see Alice In Wonderland (2.0 por moi) there and its freakin amazeballs. There’s like an arcade inside and they played 7 trailers. SEVEN! It was still all grossly overpriced but HEY!
Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll
In the forms of dabbling in lesbianism, awkward (and sometimes the polar opposite of awkward) sexual advances, merocaine, cigarettes, tasty vitamin C’s and Joan Jett/Glee. OH and there was the Mad Hatter too. Huhhhh!
Aaauughh my immune system is ripped apart from too much tea, tiger bread, cocoa, spaghetti carbonara, crème eggs, this awwwful chocolate cake, pizza, bahji’s, vahji’s, jelly babies, fajitas, coke, galaxy, croissants, crumpets, coffee..
Mmm..visual entertainment
Hardy Bucks, The Midnight Beast, DaxFlame reprised and that insane Freak Out video (watch out for those remotes kids). Along with a slightly gay and very hilarious Jon Stewart (“May I give you this steaming hot cup of Fuck-You?”) and Modern Family (DOG BUTLER..pahh!), the joviality *almost* glossed over the insane awkwardness between us all. More importantly, there was the season finale of Skins: “I’MMM COOOOKKK!”. No, you’re an easy/overused way out of a complicated plot.
Golly Gosh!
Hmm..oh hai i can haz kitsch vintage shop sellinz type writerz wit hawt guy owner? ALLO! I heart my bow tie-headband and cassette necklace. J I actually love Waterford city anyway but that shop was like kaCHINGG!
Mmm..physical entertainment
The aforementioned (ha) partay and..FAME! Far from being a “thanks-for-a-waste-of-our-fuckin-time-Marianne”, it was phantasmagorical. Like, it was ridiculous how talented everyone was, from that “little wan” to some choreographer to the singers to the actors to the set and the lights...yeah, inanimate objects can be talented, what of it?
Some freak said that when we get together, we form one huge superhuman who speaks thoughts through all of our mouths at once. PUH! She speaks like a green girl. But ohh how I love ye pervertedly adorable, uproariously immature beings.

So thats that..not very summary-ish but there's always the power of modern photography for that..

And also, thanks to tha new bloggers..yer posts are GREAT!
lUv fRoM De M's

Friday, March 19, 2010

The Circus Starring Britney Spears Vs. Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball – THE question 2kaiX (with reference to that WHORE Ciara)

A Flashback. June 19th, ‘09

As I’m sure you’re all sick of hearing, this would indeed be THE night I’d finally get to see pop legend and my sensational inspiration THE Britney Spears IN THE FLESH, along with supporting act Ciara (or so I was led to believe) in the now rather established O2 arena, Dublin, Ireland.

Having secured a spot a mere few dozen (seriously, no more than 2 like) feet from the platform on which the Lady Spears would go on to mime and lip-sync with such expertise, one could not deny it was well worth the ninety-something euro (earned slaving away at the corporate beast that is Monkey Maze) spent to ensure not missing out on such a life-changing experience, I eagerly anticipated the supporting act’s entrance, the taster to the main course on it’s way

However, as I awaited Ciara’s appearance on stage in a scintillating concoction of glee and heightened anxiety, it slowly began to dawn on me that the Queen of Love, Princess of Sex and Royal Sister-In-Law of Magic herself, the now infamous Ciara had no intentions of presenting her Goodies in the O2 on this fateful occasion 2kai9…Britney was, of course, sizzling (it would be cruel to leave y’all hanging any longer, I do believe), but I do not feel that this compensated accordingly for Ciara’s scandalous absence...risqué events on an otherwise quaint evening. Needless to say, I was not impressed. ‘Nough said.

Moving on to more important matters, or rather, more important people (ooh burrrn), I have no intentions of boring you with non-relevant details of Britney’s performance for fear one might associate my drolling on with the going-ons of the concert.
After Perez’s Hilton’s entertaining and rather dramatic recorded visual intro, the penny had not quite yet dropped with regards to Ciara’s presnence (or lack of) and so for a moment I wrongly assumed it was Ciara’s form being lowered from the ceiling, all spotlights focused squarely on her…but then it hit me…it wasn’t some B-list R&B singer being lowered to centre-stage…it was Her…it was Britney Fucking Spears.
Rumour even has it I fainted at the sight of her.
(Close, but not quite)

As already stated, I do not feel I would credit the show sufficiently if I were to attempt to describe it in full, and so I wont.
I feel the need to say, though, that she well and truly DELIVERED, and that the love and adoration for her to be felt in the arena that night, with a dozen plus thousand of her Irish fans present, was phenomenal.
It occurred to me, too, more than ever before, what this wonder woman of a singer has achieved in her rollercoaster of a career spanning over a decade and counting. Looking around the venue, if you could even call it that, at the seas of worshipping faces, young and old(ish), it came to my attention that not many other singers could boast such a following, loyal to her through her extreme highs and lows, as Britney can.
I can’t speak for everyone present, but a life-changing experience was most certainly had by me, anyways.
I’ll never forget that evening 2kai9

A flashback. 21st February ‘10

Ok, so I’ll admit it, Stefani Germanotta (aka Lady Gaga/ Gady Lala/ Lady Gay Gay etc.) knows how to put on a SHOW 2kaiX, and, one could argue, has perhaps a better (and more reliable) taste in supporting acts, with the deliciously camp Semi-Precious Weapons (leeches of her fame) and feel-good Europop group Alphabeat (<3) really psyching the crowd up for her debut Irish performance of the year 2kaiX

The Monster Ball was both an enjoyable and refreshing event, contemporary and rich in pop culture.
Gaga’s set changes, as well as outfit changes, were nothing short of impressive, and even the giant, moving deep-sea fish-monster didn’t quite outdo her raw ability to engage the crowd.
It was only when the Middle Eastern man on my left-hand side whose metabolism had apparently been reduced to a snail’s pace in his middle-aged glory did scream excitedly “Papparazzi! PAPPARAZZI!!!” in response to her having asked the crowd, “what’s the one thing I hate more than money?” (the answer was in fact The Truth, but good guess nonetheless I say) did the revelation hit me like a Blue Waffle to the face, a moment inescapable and jaw-dropping…in little more than a year had Stefani Germanotta created all this for herself, her own musical empire, if you will.

She’d come on the scene, and made it hers, almost, posing a potential threat to even pop icons such as Britney herself, in the near future, in that little time.
A substantial amount of said success can undeniably be credited to her appeal to people of all sorts/ backgrounds/ cultures/ ages (take for example the above mentioned fan-man who was evidently very new indeed to Ireland btw), I feel.
That said, she sure does know her primary target markets, dedicating ‘Boys Boys Boys’ to “all her gay fans”

On the other hand, it can most certainly be said that maybe, just maybe, we as “fans” aren’t taking all this into account, on a long enough time scale…will Gaga really go on to be such a household name for the rest of her musical career, to continue to produce chart-topping hits with the consistency of New York traffic at rush hour, or is she simply a drawn-out fad, destined to be a not-so-hot topic of discussion come this time next year?
After all, unlike Britney, Gaga cant quite claim to have had been “Miss American Dream since she was 17”
In other words, does Lady Gaga have Staying Power?
Only time will tell

(P.S. Fuck You, Ciara…..Whore)


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hullo hullo, 'tis I, Eimear, the one with the weird hair...

At the risk of coming across all fiercely Irish, I think a little acknowledgement on this our National Break Lent Day is only proper.

So, best of Irish music/literature/film/other? Cad a cheapann sibh?

I nominate:

  • A Film With Me in It - possibly the closest I've come to being ejected from my cinema seat with laughter.

  • The Coronas - aw sure God loooovve them!

  • Once - I'm not a huge Glen Hansard fan, but am a sucker for sad endings.


  • Dylan Moran

  • Horslips

  • Patrick Kavanagh - he was a cynical ole coot but his poetry can be quite...affecting...

  • Graham Norton

  • Ryan Tubridy

  • The Blizzards

  • Father Ted

  • Pete Doherty

  • Expressions such as 'langer', 'eejit', 'gall (English person, not bladder)', 'scant'.

  • Dara O'Briain

  • Potatoes. There I've said it. But not floury one *squirm*


  • U2

  • Bob Geldof

  • Paul McCartney, George Harrison, John Lennon. Sorry Ringo. No Starkeys here
  • "Cá Bhfuil Mo Dheinims dubha, agus M'Umbro Top?". Possibly the funniest quote from the irish aurals AND a group of facebook now. RESPEC!
  • Daniel Day-Lewis..yes his family are psychos and he "saw" his father while playing Hamlet, but this guy is just on another level. In a good way.
  • Oscar Wilde. Because he is just..unreall. Also because Stephen Fry is/played him in a biopic
  • Cillian Murphy..for obvious reasons
  • Bram Stoker. Called English a LOT (I'm looking at you, Kinks!)
  • Maebh "And then I fucked him" Higgins.

    What have I forgotten? Show the love for the arts in Ireland if the government won't. Cough.

Bain taitneamh as Lá 'le Pádraig :D


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

This bodes some strange erection to our state..IMEANUGH

Dontcha love it when you find people with the same nerdy sense oh humour as you? Hmm..


*click to enlarge*

*innuendo LOL*


Tuesday, March 9, 2010


^^ Last year with Hugh Jackman, no?

Oscar results..hmm:

Best Director – The Hurt Locker. YESSS! A classic case of SUCK IT to James Cameron, the pompous prick. Also Kathryn Bigelow is the first woman to win Best Director so kajawww!
Best Picture – The Hurt Locker. WAHEYY! Did I mention Suck-It-James-Cameron?
Best Actor – Jeff Bridges, Crazy Heart The Dude abides. :D SO happy about that.
Best Actress – Sandra Bullock, The Blind Side. I actually mentioned this in the Parnassus Rant as a joke. EEERUGHH! What about Carey Mulligan?!
Best Supporting Actor – Christoph Waltz I heart Inglourious Basterds and all it's hilarious gore but Stanley Tucci? *tear*
Best Supporting Actress – Mo’Nique “Precious” Yeah thats fair. Even though Anna Kendricks..OKAYOKAYI'LLSHUTUP
Best Animated Feature – Up YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! I like the cone of shame.
Best Costume Design – The Young Victoria Wtfff? Really? I saw that film and MEH. Parnassus was in that categoryyy mommm.
Best Art Direction – Avatar Also Parnassus was here buuut Avatar had to get this one. I mean it had to get a few!
Best Makeup – Star Trek Awwww yeea-aah! But I don't really know what makeup was in this Spock's brows. Mmmmokay

Also Carey Mulligan's dress was made outa mini pieces of cutlery!


Maarthaa ♥♥♥

Monday, March 8, 2010

j'adore Vivienne habillez-moi, Gucci, Fendi et Prada.

One of the dresses I'm going to be wearing for the Seó Faisin is..LIPSY!
*does the borat 'great success' thing*

but I'm actually cool with it.
GTG, busy busy busy

Tuesday, March 2, 2010