Friday, April 30, 2010

I was once, like john-a-dreams, unpregnant of my cause; but today I said to myself : "Okay, look; from this time forth, my thoughts will be inspired or be nothing worth" But what to write? Am I really a relevant candidate for the (so-called "egotistical")blogging universe??

And so, today my tone is pensive, like that of the buddha monk...
However, a stew of inspiration is beginning to brew within the buddha's cauldron.

And so, it compels me to say the cliché:

To be continued...

Friday, April 23, 2010

Martha thinks I am a heroin addict...

That's probably due to my fledgling obsession with The Young Veins. Remember Ryan Ross? Yeah, him...

I have to get like 12 (i.e. 3) shots for unpronouncable illnesses. Culture may actually be the death of me (i.e. it'll be a pain in the ass...literally? :S).

This might entertain you. Or not. I don't give a bag of potato CHIPS.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010


*click to enlarge* I was bored from the riDONKulous amount of Hamlet homework and also there IS the fact that..
Four months ago right now, Paul McCartney came on stage. :(


Martha ♥♥♥

Sunday, April 18, 2010

"BOI don't try to front I I know just just what you are are are..

...whats that other wan? Not a
OHYEAH a paedophile!".
I dunno why that quote was an appropriate title for this post. But it is so get over it. GAWD that is SO like you. For fucks sake. WHAT ARE WE DOING?! Anywayyy, maybe thats just paedophilic wishful thinking for the subject of this post. So I'm not gonna bother doing a Doctor Who splurge this week but next weekend (along with chaotic gaisce & art tripping) is the return of River Song and THOSE angels so..lesquee! Today I found this website called (n0oB) and I looked up Matt Smith and..AND..well..

Love me? Or Amy, I'm cool with both. Along with your turnip face. :]


Saturday, April 17, 2010

"The C in Cork stands for Cool!"

or CULTURE perhaps? Eh?EH?

I'm not gonna try to sum up the madnessss of Jedward so here are the videos we made AFTER the concert to show their bizarre bizarre effect on mankind. (Including the amazing foam glove i got. Squee!)

And yes, they ARE Harry Potter themed..

It Begins..

Platform 9 And 3 Quarters

Monday, April 12, 2010

A Spoonful Of Honesty

No one knows this, but the one thing I dread the most in the morning, more than anything else, is that last galnce in the mirror, before you really do have to leave. You know the one. I for one find it hard, accepting, on a daily routine, that no more can be do be done, you've washed dried and combed yo' hair, you've shaved, moisturised if needs be, and of course, scrubbed 'em teeth...and this is it. This is how you're going to look for the rest of the day. On your way out the door, you try to accept that, should anything of significance happen today, this is how you'll be remembered looking. Don't expect anyone to look back and think to themselves "Why, wasnt his personality looking well that day!". It just doesnt work that way. If only it did.

No one know this, but when anticipating a night out, which may or not include a drink(ing binge) and whatnot, with friends, the one thing I dread more than anything else is how, as is to be expected, bad I'll no doubt look, the mouldy bitch I am in the myriad of "piccies" my oblivious friendy-friends insist on taking. That'd all be good and well if it werent for the medium of correspondance to which we so fondly offer up hours of our valuable time, weekly, Facebook. I brace myself when the dreaded notifications boldly make themselves present in my life "I'm Hawt And I Know It 2kaiX tagged you in a photo". Oh joy. I sigh in relief if I at least achieve "presentable" status in said "piccies". If not, I can spend anything up to a few minutes just gazing at 'em, sizing 'em up, coming to terms with them. It's not unusual for me to keep coming back to them throughout the day, and the days to come, repeatedly asking myself "are they really THAT bad?" Powerless to do anything but merely "untag" myself, i've oft found myself fighting the urge to report these unsavoury pics, to leave my beloved friends in the mercy of the god-only-knows how understanding Facebook staff, in a bid to rid the internet of pictorial evidence of a flash photo gone horrendously wrong. Whether or not this is normal human behaviour is anyone's guess. Hmm...

Sad truth is, there are days when I die a little inside when I pass a mirror within too close a proximity, bespectacled. My own reflection, staring back at me, sometime's it's all just a little to much to grin and bear. Those days, I almost feel I could tackly writing a book on the meaning behind the Palahniuk quote "The difference between how you look and how you see yourself is enough to kill most people." Others days, though, i'll join it in dance. My reflection, that is (You probz think I joke when I say this, but see i thought i'd inject some humourous truth into this blogpost before, you know, things got a little TOO serious) Anywaaays, feel free to call it "Self Image Bipolar" or whatever, but i'd be inclined to say it's an awkward phase that accompanies the rollercoaster of untamable, fickle emotions otherwise known as teenage years (or so I hope anyways) and i think it's safe to say i'm not alone in my "dilema" as such, when I stop to consider what my fellow peers must too go through as part of their daily lives

Another sad truth is, I find myself somehow "expected" to abide by a stereotype in which "looks are evvverything" and little to no emphasis is placed on appreciation of intellect and creative abililty and the likes. "If you've got it, flaunt it!"??? Well, I dont, as far i'm concerned, so THERE WILL BE NO FLAUNTING. 'nough said :) Sadder yet tho, if i'm going to be honest, is that i'm undeniably guilty of taking my lack of self-assuredness out on the more "beautiful people" that flood my peripheral vision, at any given opportunity. That is to say, and i'm ashamed to admit it, i'll make their lives that little bit harder if I can, justifying it by thinking of it as a kind of karma, if you will. After all, there are those whose mere entrance into a room will act as a blow to the self esteem of everyone else in it, whether knowingly or not. I almost feel obliged to make these people's lives a little less incredibly easy...after all, is it not about time they act had to work for something, without having to rely on their looks, the old reliable, to accomplish the task at hand with ease, if even that "something" is my "like" and respect? Forgive my bitterness, but i highly doubt i'm alone in my justifications. So yeah, if ever you feel i'm being particularly "snide bitchy and insincere" to you on any given day, take it as a compliment...chances are, you're looking particularly well. Perphaps i'm just green with envy...nahh, wouldnt go that far just yet =P

Anyways, i'd best leave it at that before i turn this "rape into a murder"...or if you'd rather not indulge in the glib and oily art of metaphor usage, this personal response to the topic at hand into a rantrantrant >< I realise i've strayed far from the "Perception of Beauty" blog originally proposed by Mar-fuck-a herself (Y), but I hope i've effectively tackled an issue close to many of our hearts which isnt voiced frequently enough, I do elephant in the room, if you will, no one dares talk about, enough, anyways. And well, if you found it difficult to relate to anything discussed above, consider yourself lucky...and as for me, don't feel the need to sympathise, I dont want your compassion 'coz well, I Do It To Myself, I Do, And That's What Really Hurts <3


Sunday, April 11, 2010

Be Still, my beating fangirl heart!

Doctor Who Episode 2:
In the words of Humbert Humbert, it was "Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful!". I didn't intend to write about it this week, but it was SO good, I need to. And schools back tomorrow so I need to channel this nervous energy in SOMETHING other than a pointless Hamlet collage. Anygay, as I obsessively aforementioned, the opening episode had really Tim Walker-y elements scattered around, but after seeing this one..I think he actually must be hiding on the Season Five set or something. Starship UK was just a cube of compressed twee, like the land from Paddington Bear meets The Red Shoes. Alien tails hiding in decrepit circus tents, 1950s pubs, beaaaautifully horrific fairground Smilers (want one for over my bed nowplease), fallen chandeliers, fruit markets, goooorgeous wooden buntings, bicycles with baskets and The Doctor's elbow patches with his This Is England rolled-up jeans over booties which I practically worship. OOH LA LA!
Which brings me seamlessly onto my next point: MATT, HOW did I ever doubt you?? I knew this day would come but I didn't expect it to be his the day of his SECOND EPISODE. (see: David, Forgive Me post). I think its because, even though elements are different, he IS still the same character..So sadly romantic and So mentally unstable..nom nom nom. And his skin in that shirt looks like the cream inside a pink Fondant Fancy. This season seems to be genuinely scary too, I literally almost regurgitated a lung in fear when the Smilers stood up out of their booths and WALKED.. The 'Voting Room' was just so fraking cool, with seemingly harmless vintage televisions but with the constant reminder of more sinister going-ons with those Alice-In-Wonderland buttons. "PROTEST" or "FORGET". Mommm?Helpp? And then the shockingly horrendous stuff going on underneath the ship. :O Yowzah, I thought this show was aimed at 12 year olds?! But I liked Liz 10 with that direct Princess Leia quote of "Help me, Doctor, you're my only hope". nerd joke! nerd joke!
Again, Amy is getting better & better..the fact that she's living out her childhood fantasies (NOT LIKE THAT) in a Peter Pan-esque nightie is just soo cool and iconic and brilliant. Its like she escaped the night before she HAD to grow up (on her wedding). Another reason NOT to get married kids! I'm glad this one is truly a quirky freak, not like the past companions wheo were like "Oh-My-Goodness-Aliens-I-Must-Be-So-Out-There-lolz". (I'm looking at you, Martha) PLUS she's by faaar the prettiest. Anyway, thats about all I gots ta sayy..maybe a weekly rant on this from now on? But thank GAWD its back. I'm self-harming in anticipation for episode three!
Martha ♥♥♥

I'm actually such a freak

Well then, what better way (for me, anyway) to..COMMEMORATE the loss of The Beatles on this day than to display their beautiful genius through a representation from a first hand witness.
Martha The Sheepdog.

Martha feels like a third wheel amongst the inevitable growing love affair.

Martha nuzzles Paul like a baby lion and sells her newborn (the runt one) to distract Ringo, while simultaneously excluding George.

Martha turns away from Paul's ridiculous "man beard" in shame and disgust.

Martha has a nice cup of tea with John and gives him a right talking-to about his new lady friend. JOHN NO HAPPY

"Ugh yeah, I just..need to go out for...some milk..BRBKTHXBYE!"
Paul didn't come back. D:

"I remember John said, ‘I’ve never seen you like that before.’ I’ve since thought, you know, he wouldn’t have. It’s only when you’re cuddling around with a dog that you’re in that mode, and she was a very cuddly dog.”
AWWW YEAHHHH. But then..
"Whereas it would appear to anybody else to be a song to a girl called Martha, it’s actually a dog, and our relationship was platonic, believe me."
Well lets just pretend he didn't say that bit.

Well there you have it. I'm dead IMEANSHE'SDEAD, just like half the brilliant people in these photographs. But that music they have lives on...I spose..if it ever gets into the mainstream iTunes maybe.


Saturday, April 10, 2010

It was only a matter of time

So, it's been forty years since the break-up of the Fab Four, and while I'm obviously passionate about the subject, and spent my day in mourning, cough, I pray you my dear bloggers, let us throw to earth our woe and focus on the good things!


Creepy or what (or lovechild)?

Anyway dudes, all I want is a little interaction; we all know my social anxiety needs monitoring, so tell me, who's your favourite Beatle? Favourite song, album? Lyric? Quote?

If you don't like the Beatles I would appreciate a 500 word essay on why on earth you don't appreciate them.

Don't forget what those lippy Liverpudlians taught us over the last 50 years
'The only word is love'
'All you need is love'
'Can't buy me love'
'Love is old, love is new'

Peace out.
Eimear £££

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Up up-down Down Left right-left Right B-A start! Just because we use cheats doesn't mean we're not smart.

As me and a potential-friend* were discussing earlier this week, perception is 100% subjective to the individual. But, maybe the only thing in the world ever that has to transcend particular opinions is THE ORIGNAL SEGA MEGA DRIVE SONIC THE HEDGEHOG. Holy Guacamole, it is pure, undiluted perfection (not from concentrate). Yesterday, I found all the games from 1991 to 2000 for PC for like €8 in Game, hidden amongst the scrambling nerdy 11-year-olds who I DEFINITLEY CANNOT MENTALLY RELATE TO. And loook hoowww wonderfully shit it issss:

Oh [Ctrl + PrntScrn + Ctrl + V], where would I be without you? NOMNOMNOM! The design is like an 80s workout video mixed with those weird geomtric shapes you get in Paint if you keep pressing Ctrl+I. I never had a Sega Mega Drive (my parents didn’t love me, what of it?) but there was one in my Granny & Granddad’s haus, and I basically hijacked it every time we were over there. Ooh the thrill of the box of Diamond Immortality, the dread of seeing Sonic burst into a thousand rings when he hits a spike or those awful invisible rockets that zoom by like the fish from 'Yellow Submarine'. Or even those pesky epileptic fits induced from all that flashing lilac in the sea (why lilac?).
But my point is, its funny how much weird “pointless” stuff gets sucked into your sub-conscious and firmly stays there. After watching all the demos and revisiting ma old Harry Potter games, so many aspects out of them look suspiciously like every bit of art I did from first year to the junior cert. So sue me, EA Games! Although PC games get a bad name, its obvious that they can have a positive influence, even though we’re cooonstantly led to believe that kids are being exposed to computers and now the internet too early. Computers CAN be so constructive, and not just the graphics from an early 90s arcade game. The internet is better than an encyclopedia. I read an article last week about princess of blogging Tavi Gevinson, and apparently her childhood has been “dented”. Ugh yeah, cause she’d be totally different WITHOUT a verbal public outlet? Righttt. I’m sick of journalists presuming that anyone under the age of 30 is either living in Skins or is a victim of this lightning-quick society. Kids aren’t retarded and usually are a lot more creative AND resourceful than the majority of the adults who use the internet or have blogs. Anyway, adorkable nerdspeak is a skill only attained after years of dedication to Windows 2000, L3mm3 t377 y0u!
And HAY I like Sonic’s logic of jumping on your foes and turning them into bunnies, with a cheeky grin and a blur of Am-ah-zingg red baseball shoes á la Alexander Wang Spring 2010. Anyway, even though that mo’fo’ Green Hill Zone Act 3 is trés (pronounced TREZZ in the French, I believe) difficile, in the words of my B.F.F.E Tony, is "a day of remembering”.
That was your daily stream of consciousness. CLASS DISMISSED.
Martha ♥♥♥

* €2.99 that cost me in hallmark

In Which 2 Out Of 3 Ms Almost M'd Themselves To Death

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Shut up. Kick ass.

Okay new obsession.There was Lily,Hayley,Effie,Veronica,Lolita and now there's Mindy Macready - she's the cutesy, adorable killing machine in Matthew Vaughans kick ass, which is one epic movie. Is it the purple wig? the weird leather material skirt? or maybe its the knife wielding awesomeness of her eleven year old self, i dont know. It may well be the fact that she is the ultimate antithesis to the main protagonist Dave. Harshly she is everything he isn't. Dave has charm but com'on its hit girl -She's a cute little cupcake with a goo-y inside of revenge and destruction, killing bad guys kill bill style- her catch phrases a little more superbad-esque- dedicated to her cause and armed with enough determination and charm to do so. If this is bordering on a little humbert humbert for you, fear no further-I simple find a little ray of light in the supposedly foul mouthed assassin ''hit girl''. She makes me wanna go out and learn karate or do something productive with my free time. As a role model she's possibly-in the eyes of the law not the best- but she represents savy street wise, skilled, determined,diligent,hardcore, cute,funny(re:PLEASE see the bat signal joke-DO IT) commited,adorable,loving kid- how many superhero's let alone a young girl have such a vast repertoire as that. Its Simple.She is kick ass. She kick's ass.So i leave you with this life change philosophy from the movie itself.
''I cant fly. But i can kick your ass.''
''I cant read your mind .But i can kick your ass.''
''I cant be invisible .But i can kick your ass.''
''I cant see through walls. But i can kick your ass.''
''Shut Up. KICK ASS.''

Emma ****

Monday, April 5, 2010

I Can Haz Doppelganger?

Some posts don't need an introduction..


Maaan my keyboard was getting a bit dusty there but I'm're resident MacNerd is back. Why the 'Mac' you ask? Well..inspired by previous post..kudos to you;) for a second I thought the cartoon guy was the guy from The Road To Eldorado....anyone remember? Came out in Disney's semi-decent years?
ANYGAY (stole!)
I believe the word...'Mac' was mentioned in the previous stirred something within me (NOT THAT) and I felt I had to convert..I mean..write to you all about this.
1. It's a cat's awkward angles, no rough surfaces that when you accidentally scrape a nail off you don't shiver like you've just seen a ghost.

2. If looks aren't your things..maybe the operating system will tempt you..its EASY once you get the knack of it..and it's also..ridiculously smooth.on only has to click the little orange circle to see page zip away down to the bottom's fascinating and sychronized swimming or something.

3. The noises it makes are comforting. No horrible 'DOOOUH' error noise that can only be associated with your internet crashing on a pc and you losing everything that you ever jnew and it basically being THE END OF THE of that ...just a simple 'boing!' to let you know that something has gone wrong but it WILL BE OK.

4. The obvious but little known...Macs don't get viruses..all hail Steve Jobs for his moment of genius when he thought...'lets just not let them in?'..Do PCs get viruses?......well.

5. Their sprightly advertising campaign has convinced me that macs are 'cool', 'hip' and for the the 'youth' of today. In most films are the college kids on cranky dell 'tops or stylish macbook pros.....macbook pros CORRECT.

I could go on..but....I think you'll find these a bit more informative...and entertaining if you're INTO THAT.

So that's it
Marianne ♪♪♪

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter, Easter, what a ....feaster....

Somebody please tell me they know who this guy is

I've often left him out of the list of most important people/characters in the formation of my Kick-Ass sense of humour, and it is a gross omission indeed. For who else could furnish us nerds such excellent phrases as: 'Look! A three-headed monkey!' , 'You fight like a cow!' and 'That's the second biggest *object* I've ever seen!'.
And my friend Guybrush here isn't the only bloody brilliant character--what about LeChuck the undead pirate, Mayor Elaine Marley, Murray the Skull, the Barbershop Quartet, the Cannibals? GOLD, I tells ya solid frickin' gold.
I've you have not yet experienced Monkey Island I-IV, I urge you to go out and buy it/them. The PC version. Don't kid yourself with a Playstation. Or a Mac for that matter.
*Dick and Dom post to hard ot find the absolute best clips*

Saturday, April 3, 2010

You’re probably not a betting man...RIPE AS A PEACH!

UPDATE: This is the post I did BEFORE the Who Rant. Idiot.

That wuz mi verbal repetition of mi Tom Waits impression from today and also from The Imaginarium (have I ever mentioned that before?).
Ughh I’ve been in town for like 9 hours cause I pimp’d my hair again..D: IS THAT ENOUGH FOR YOU SCURVYY? But ANYWAYY we saw Kick-Ass with Aaron “The John” Johnson and my new best friend Hit Girl. I’m not gonna go into a loooooong review about it but just know that it’s soundtrack is amaaazing (kinda like the randomness of Ghost Town) with Joan Jett, The Prodigy, Ellie Goulding and Ennio Morricone (who did the soundtrack for Lolita). Also Nicholas Cage is FINALLLY breaking out of his gawd-awful films phase and did this brilliant Adam West/paedophile performance in a moustache & cardigans. Red Mist left the door open for a Kick Ass sequel and Hit Girl was just ridiculous. The bit where she cut off that guy’s calves, her purple wig, the “Okay-you-cunts-let's-see-what-you-can-do-now” quote and the EPIC fight scene set to Bad Reputation were fucking HILARIOUS & so ludicrously horrific for an 11 year old that it just tied the whole kooky-indie (kindie?) tone together perfectly. The whole thing was more gory than anything Quentin Tarantino has even thought of (yeah i’m that serious) & funnier least that re-tard Johnny Vegas last night on QI. Erg! Still angry at that. There was also the discovery of Cork’s BESTTT vintage clothes shop, some furthering of the Magical Coffee Tour, racist dogs, choking on ice-cream floats, Lolita, Lolita, Lolita, feverishly blushing about opticians (THIS WAS NOT ME btw), mmclassicalll referencessss in the pig latin machine in my head scrambled
“I wouldn’t care if john lennon punched me!”
out as:
“I wouldn’t care if punch lennon johned me!”
*cringe* I’m a retard. D: Well Tom Waits for no man. A haw haw HAWW! Because now Doctor Who is on. *barf* Matt Smith has a face like a turnip if it had hair. But there will be a review anywhoo. Okay time to leave!

Oh yeah and, before I forget:

Break me off a piece of THAT!

Marthaaa ♥♥♥


Omfg, I was writing a post about today but i actually don’t care anymore after watching the new easter special of Doctor Who and debut of MATT SMITH. I felt physically ill with worry at the start of it (like WHAT the fuck was that new intro? :-S It was like a cyberman puked all over it). But I loved the food scene and the way everything was shot, despite the shit over-acting of Monsieur Le Smith. It so so reminded me of THIS and THIS photo by my lord and master, Tim Walker. The initial backround of Amy/Amelia was great too, I mean what girl hasn’t made playdoh models of the Doctor in her room? Just me? Okayyy. When she actually appeared as a grown up laydee, she (like Catherine of Tate before her) flew the flag for Ginger Hotness. Yeah, she did look like a prostitute (or Kissogram, as they’re called these days, apparently) in those seamed stocking but HEY! Besides that, she might possibly be my favourite companion yet, maybe just because of the predecessing obsession/ loneliness/independence which is SO different from the others (yes, even Martha Jones) who at times just seemed like carry-alongs. Then my respect for Matt “Face-Of-Too-Many-Angles” Smith plummeted into the floor again when he said the line “You’ve had some cowboys in here” which, AS WE AAALL KNOW, is a direct David Tennant quote. :’( And don’t get me started on the “wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey”. Noooo! But it was reaaally saved by the depressingly brilliant writing of Stephen Moffat. Homygodd, it had all that signature compressed freakiness of ‘Blink’ but in such a cosy, modern and (sorry for this but..) PARNASSUS-ESQUE surrealness that it carried along the opening New-Doctor-Awkwardness like a used nappy on a smooth ocean wave (we’ve all seen one, kids..Alicante 2008, jus' sayin'). The enemy looked like Sauron’s eye stuck in stalagmites, but here, even more so than the episodes before, the alien shtuff was offset with modern contrasts (ie: webcams, facebook, video phones) to a TEE. BTW, I can totally see a Beyoncé/Matt Smith remix being made on youtube from when he shouted “Videooo Phoooonnne!”. MAKE THAT HAPPEN! Anyway, thaaankfully the rest of the tone was trés Who and there was running/epiphany scenes galore..and..okay, it is..
MATT SMITH WON ME OVER BY THE END OF THE EPISODE. Davidddd, forgivvvveee meeee! I don’t know whether it was the INSPIRED new outfit scene (he stripped..hee hee) or the comforting Tennant-accent or his genuine humour or maybe him saying “Oh you SEXY thing” when he met the new TARDIS (which is surprisingly yummy twee filled with typewriters and taps like that), but yeah, despite my initial hatred of the pear-faced bastard..I really really think he’s gonna be great. And the promo was so looks so far-flung and surreal and just BEAAAUUTIFUL.
PHEWWW that was the nerdiest rant EVER. Well feel free to add to my verbal gagging, I’m going for a cream egg, a lie down and a plan to obtain my new bow-tie & suspender filled wardrobe.

Maartha ♥♥♥

p.s: david, you'll ALWAYS be my favouriteee! :-S

Thursday, April 1, 2010

"You are a great friend and I really value your friendship.


We spent the day playing games like Stuck In The Mud, Kick Shit, Hide & Seek, climbing trees, eating, abusing and photographing in Fota Gardens. fun fun fun! ATM we're all feverishly on facebook trying to manage our million notifications. :)
And we still have over a week off!