Friday, July 30, 2010


Inspired by John Lennon's Rolls Royce, Parnassus and dA s1xt33z, I've FINAAALY finished customizing my brand new Topshop backpack (eek!) just in time for Alicante, which I'm leaving for in a few hours. :)
The challenges so far for the two weeks? Skinny dip, try rum, mojito, rolled up cigarettes, have ice cream on the beach at night, facedown the shit outa the place, make a tan shape by strategically shaping sun cream, flirt in spanish, get a henna tattoo of the deathly hallows symbol (thanks, Marianne), go to xococoa as much as possible, seduce Jess in the style of House & Cuddy in last season's finale, kiss a spaniard, have coffee after a hangover and make sick jokes to new people to see if they're cool or not. OH and learn some spanish if there's time.
But anygay, back to the before und after photos.

TA-DAAH! Used the Beatles lyrics The End, Strawberry Fields Forever and Come Together ("he shoot coca-cola", GEDDIT?) plus Paul McCartney's Let Me Roll It ("You gave my loving in the palm of my hand.."). Very happy with how it turned out given that it really could have been a disaster..still don't know what the knife and fork is about buut..artisitic licence?

So it's adios for three weeks probably as the day after I volver from Alicante, I'm off to Kerry. Woah hello there anticlimax! But it only encourages me to do as much as possible now so I'll soon need a detox. Hasta luego, I plan on doing a returning post and Lolita post when I'm make where wi-fi exsists. Oh and Happy Birthday Harry Potter! Did you think I'd forget or something? Tsshyeah!

Over and Out. ♥♥♥

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