Friday, July 23, 2010


What does it mean to feel bad about yourself?
Having low self esteem, getting far too tangled in your own negative thoughts 'till they develope into an emotional tornado, having an actual problem so big that you dont want to live to see another happy moment, not believing in that next happy moment , or 99% of the time: being ignorantly oblivious to all we have.

Even from the birds eye view I appear to have of this infectious illness, I cannot make head nor tail of it. After all, it is not something that can be cured by explaination, it's an uncontrolable weight that needs to defuse over time, until at last I can smile again, knowing that there is chocolate at the end of every cornetto (the light in the tunnel phrase never really appealed to me as much as ice-cream did).

So, why all the chocophilosophy you ask? Recently, by means of bad judgement and general teenage all-over-the-placeness, I managed to lose the trust of the most important people in my life. With these people being my only tictacs in previous events, and I being the only reason for our deterierating relationship, I hit an all time low.

Luckily, time did what it does best, goes the f*** on. It always reminds me of those who felt as bad as I did and didnt allow time to do its thing. So basically, just let it, kay? Ironically, I'm now running out of it and must wrap up this hopefully thought provoking blabber...


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