Thursday, February 25, 2010

And here it is, your moment of zen..

See what I did there?

KAY, so a very short, writing-starved post today to try and encompass (new favourite word) the AMAAZING week I've had. I feel like those photos a certain someone took out the window of our plane on the way TO Barcelona:

Y'see, the world is below the clouds, the clouds are a happy barrier and I'm in my untouchable In-Between..rather like "I'm-Susie-Salmon-like-the-fish" except I'm not dead (hopefully) Also I heard this really interesting, kinda relatable quote from a Viggo Mortensen interview (I WILL finish The Road and I WILL write 'bout it..). YEAHH I'm stalking the man now, so deal with it. Anygay, the interviewer was saying how he's good at giving out all this energy of trying to keep everybody happy & when asked how he felt, Aragorn IMEANVIGGO said: "Generally that's what I do. I try to avoid conflict. I don't want people to be unhappy. Yes, I try to keep too many plates spinning to satisfy everyone's needs, and if you are not careful you get burnt out and really stressed." Too many plates spinning! Genius.


Ho-ho, those guys. Is it bad that I find that tootally non-offensive & one of the funniest things I've ever seen? Well that sums up my inappropriate sense of humour plus my own dealings with retards this week, ONWARDS!


I'm going to HAVE to do a gigantic rant on Edie Sedgwick, as I literally based/base my life on her since I was fourteen, after seeing Factory Girl. But for now, theres just this nugget. Plus the fact that she's been following me around this week..Ever since someone told me she should be my Facebook-Doppelganger, (totally not my intention ofc :D), the unhealthy obsessions been returning.

blacawww internet being diconnected against my wishes BRB

Martha ♥♥♥

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