Friday, February 26, 2010

A Serious One

I smell a new I correct? the title suggests I'm not gonna be ripping the piss outta something today, actually this post is kind of a sad one.
So, as someone who bases most of her knowledge on current affairs on the Daily Show with Jon's not often I get a SERIOUS, non-comical wake up call news-wise, especially in the American Politics field. So the Healthcare Reform Bill to me just seemed like one big JOKE that didn't affect me but I could laugh at Sarah Palin and her Republicans for all the silly mistakes they make that Jon Stewart so greatly points out. This morning, however, I changed tack. Keith Olberman on MSNBC has always had the ability to kinda make me feel reaaaallly guilty. (bad grammar there, ino) His 'Special Comment' show was broadcast Wednesday night before Republicans went into talks with Democrats in the White House on Thursday. In it, as you shall see if you watch it, he really makes a heartfelt appeal to go through with it, to put aside the partisan tactics and agree on something for once. What made it worse watching it this morning is the news that the talks failed, after seven hours, nothing was agreed on. Obama has said he may just push it straight through congress without Republican votes. I hope to God, even just after watching this video, he does. The current American Heath care system is a mess.

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