Sunday, February 21, 2010


It's that time of year again...artists and their carers (lol) get to strut their stuff and pick up something shiny for their (arguably) great contribution to the past year's music scene. Upon watching the Grammy Awards and later the Brits, I noticed something..or perhaps a lack of something in the Brits: COMPOSURE. Apparently, certain British artists haven't a clue what the word means.

Now I only switched on to see a completely twisted Kasabian pick up best British band award. UNFORTUNATELY I barely heard their speech, a few seconds into it the audio switched to the sound of a partially filled room of people chatting and a little grey box in the corner indicated that 'audio has been muted'. Liam Gallagher's throwing of the microphone while accepting his award was just plain embarrassing. As someone who sometimes regards celebrities as her (imaginary) friends and very often looks up to them as role models this was APPALLING. Yes, it did make for awesome viewer ratings but at what expense? I'm not sure how many international viewers watch the Brits but seriously..what must they think British people are like? The words drunk, vulgar and downright rude spring to mind...

To top it all off Lily Allen got up to accept her prize for British Solo Artist, and,
quelle surprise, was completely plastered. I, personally despise Lily Allen, but upon watching this I didn't need any personal reasons to dislike her. She handed them to me on a plate. After thanking some people the, by now familiar, little grey box appeared in the corner, her speech was muted and maybe it was my eyes but was she waving her middle finger around the place too? Classy.

However, there were SOME great moments. Lady Gaga's acceptance speech was very funny. She looked a tad confused and rightly so, on American awards shows they don't just let a pitful of people scream their way through someone's speech, Lady Gaga said she couldn't hear herself! Poor girl must have been completely lost, what with the drunkenness and swearing. And you may say that the this sort of thing happens on American Awards shows the whole time, maybe it does. The whole Kanye - Taylor mix up received more than its fair share of media coverage, yet British media scarcely mentioned Brit Award slip-ups, maybe suggesting that this sort of thing is all too common and not even worth reporting?

Other highlights of the evening were Florence and Dizzee's performance of 'You Got the Dirtee Love'. I was gobsmacked. Sugababes later commented that they should pair up for good. I agree. Jay-Z and Alicia Keys performing Empire State of Mind blew me away, Alicia especially, if anyone deserves the 'diva' status (in a complimentary way of course) it would be her. Robbie Williams' ten minute set was equally great. He truly is a performer. I'm not sure if he was singing live but I hope he was, sometimes I feel sorry for the guy, he gets so much crap yet he keeps on going. Just like the Brit Awards I guess? They just got a truckload off crap from me but hey, there's always next year.

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