Sunday, May 2, 2010


Waking up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night feeling that someone’s breathing over your shoulder. Only under Gaisce circumstances would I find this funny. Let me explain.

Even though Christina Aguilera’s revival of 60s music and style was only an excuse to wear red lipstick and dance with sailors, she had the right idea: Back to Basics. No matter how many times I discover the great simplicities of nature; walking along a mountain, swimming on a beach, making a daisy chain, breathing the fresh air, observing the animals, I continue to forget what I’m missing out on here in the heart of the city. This is where Gaisce comes in. ON THA BASIC, the President likes to award people who get their bodies involved in sport, minds involved a hobby, and hearts involved in the community, in return for a medal, a certificate and much, much more.

The next best thing was the company. Sharing this trip with friends who had a mutual want to escape the drama, arguments, awkwardness, competitiveness and immaturity of everyday socialising, and instead, just let go and have fun! (as brochure-worthy as that sounds). After all, is it that weird wanting to escape the messy alcohol-obsessed weekends that never fail to disappoint? Not only this, but in the midst of our disturbingly hilarious sense of humour clash, i managed to even escape myself for a while, enter: Jason. Yes, Gaisce made me discover the player 'shamy feen' within me, irresistible to women, envied by men, you know how it is. Of course, excessive pervy jokes don't go without their downsides. Hence, this Jason character appearing in my dreams only to wake me up at 5am feeling violated and nervous. Needless to say i didn't find this funny 'till the next morning.

So a weekend and miles of laughter later, we return to the run o' the mill, exchanging these 'I get you' looks in the corridors, or an Avatarian, 'I see you'. Thumbs up for hills and good clean fun, THATS WHAT I SAY!

new girl <3

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