Wednesday, May 5, 2010

If this doesn't convince michelle..

In light of the news that came out last week about the angels not being statues but being REAL PEOPLE, I feel I need to go on a rant about the last double bill of Doctor Who. BTW, in case you’re living under a nerd-proof rock, you can “Stuff-it-up-your-arse-for-nothing-and-fuck-off-while-you’re-doing-it” OR click here to see a summary of what/who the infamous Weeping Angels are..
These two episodes are on such an unimaginably larger scale than season 3’s Blink. Angels in a house? Sending people back to the 1800s? The lights turn off once? PAHHH how about thousands of them hiding in towers of catacombs, climbing into human EYES, ripping out spinal cords and using dead bodies to speak..and HEY there’s always time for those guys to tumble into an abyss of fucking time energy. The thing about these Doctor Who monsters is that they are genuinely terrifying, actual psychopaths, not just entertaining. They live forever, are unbeatable and look so..subtly ominous - all in all they are testiments to that New-Age-Paranormal-Activity kind of fear. The climax with Amy wandering through a Where The Wild Things Are forest with her eyes closed, sub-conciously counting down her death while the giant light of death consumes everyone around her. I could rant about how gosh darn incredible everything in this season is, how the writing is so perfect, the look is so much more BEAUTIFUL and the acting is spot-on (NOT THAT) and how much this new quintessential modernité adds to every episode..but I've done that a lottt. But there was one thing that has never happened before.
Which brings me smoooothly onto my next point..THE DOCTOR WAS RAPED!! AAAAAAAAOOOOGHHHSAAAAA *whale noise* Holy sheet I was not expecting the line: “You're sweet but I’m not looking for anything so..LONG-TERM”..*lunges* in a show (supposedly) aimed at 12 year olds.
Ohh Amy, light of my life, fire of my have voiced the wishes of every pulse watching. That’s right, PULSE. And yes, it was mildly awkward watching it with my parents. YES, I am a pervert. But, and now I address certain coffee-looking naysayers directly, what's important is is that clearly I'm Not The Only One. Is that a song lyric? PROBABLY NOT.


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