Thursday, March 25, 2010


I'm on my 3rd day off sick from school, and let me tell you: THE NOVELTY IS WEARING OFF. Not that we're doing anything in school atm ofc. On the first day I slept for 17 hours. YEAH, thats more than a day. On the second day, I made a Macca Shrine and watched all 13 hours of The Lord Of The Rings. Today, I discovered THIS:

"A semi-black photo?", I hear you ask. Nope, this is Robert Sheehan AKA Nathan from my new favourite show Misfits. "So this is your sexual awakening or something?". THATS ENOUGH NOW READER! But boyy, I would die to be that table.. Misfits is basically a folie à deux from Marianne that I FINALLY got around to watching. It is epic. I heart everything about it..people say its like Skins meets Heroes meets The Inbetweeners but its mooooree..I Man do I have a way with words today! :-S It reminds me of this great show Life As We Know It that I saw during ma early teens..hmm I'm rambling. But just know that Robert Sheehan is a god and I love him. MOVINONN.. Also I had to finish this gay* article for Ruain** called "Get Thee To A Nunnery!" (hopefully i can still go to Hamlet tomoz btw), so I sorta Pavlovian-Conditioned myself with this insane new site I found, called Might be a new addiction. Its where people design bithcin' t-shirts and then hold competitions to make cakes out of those images. CAKES&TSHIRTSAAAAHHH! So it pretty much is the reason I did that retaaarrddeedd article, just so I could look at thetm afterwards. These are my four favourites:

They're actually works of art!
What could be better than cakes AND t-shirts on a sick day?
Martha ♥♥♥
*I'm not a homophobe i swear!
** Please never read this PLEASE

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