Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hullo hullo, 'tis I, Eimear, the one with the weird hair...

At the risk of coming across all fiercely Irish, I think a little acknowledgement on this our National Break Lent Day is only proper.

So, best of Irish music/literature/film/other? Cad a cheapann sibh?

I nominate:

  • A Film With Me in It - possibly the closest I've come to being ejected from my cinema seat with laughter.

  • The Coronas - aw sure God loooovve them!

  • Once - I'm not a huge Glen Hansard fan, but am a sucker for sad endings.


  • Dylan Moran

  • Horslips

  • Patrick Kavanagh - he was a cynical ole coot but his poetry can be quite...affecting...

  • Graham Norton

  • Ryan Tubridy

  • The Blizzards

  • Father Ted

  • Pete Doherty

  • Expressions such as 'langer', 'eejit', 'gall (English person, not bladder)', 'scant'.

  • Dara O'Briain

  • Potatoes. There I've said it. But not floury one *squirm*


  • U2

  • Bob Geldof

  • Paul McCartney, George Harrison, John Lennon. Sorry Ringo. No Starkeys here
  • "Cá Bhfuil Mo Dheinims dubha, agus M'Umbro Top?". Possibly the funniest quote from the irish aurals AND a group of facebook now. RESPEC!
  • Daniel Day-Lewis..yes his family are psychos and he "saw" his father while playing Hamlet, but this guy is just on another level. In a good way.
  • Oscar Wilde. Because he is just..unreall. Also because Stephen Fry is/played him in a biopic
  • Cillian Murphy..for obvious reasons
  • Bram Stoker. Called English a LOT (I'm looking at you, Kinks!)
  • Maebh "And then I fucked him" Higgins.

    What have I forgotten? Show the love for the arts in Ireland if the government won't. Cough.

Bain taitneamh as Lá 'le Pádraig :D


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