Friday, March 19, 2010

The Circus Starring Britney Spears Vs. Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball – THE question 2kaiX (with reference to that WHORE Ciara)

A Flashback. June 19th, ‘09

As I’m sure you’re all sick of hearing, this would indeed be THE night I’d finally get to see pop legend and my sensational inspiration THE Britney Spears IN THE FLESH, along with supporting act Ciara (or so I was led to believe) in the now rather established O2 arena, Dublin, Ireland.

Having secured a spot a mere few dozen (seriously, no more than 2 like) feet from the platform on which the Lady Spears would go on to mime and lip-sync with such expertise, one could not deny it was well worth the ninety-something euro (earned slaving away at the corporate beast that is Monkey Maze) spent to ensure not missing out on such a life-changing experience, I eagerly anticipated the supporting act’s entrance, the taster to the main course on it’s way

However, as I awaited Ciara’s appearance on stage in a scintillating concoction of glee and heightened anxiety, it slowly began to dawn on me that the Queen of Love, Princess of Sex and Royal Sister-In-Law of Magic herself, the now infamous Ciara had no intentions of presenting her Goodies in the O2 on this fateful occasion 2kai9…Britney was, of course, sizzling (it would be cruel to leave y’all hanging any longer, I do believe), but I do not feel that this compensated accordingly for Ciara’s scandalous absence...risqué events on an otherwise quaint evening. Needless to say, I was not impressed. ‘Nough said.

Moving on to more important matters, or rather, more important people (ooh burrrn), I have no intentions of boring you with non-relevant details of Britney’s performance for fear one might associate my drolling on with the going-ons of the concert.
After Perez’s Hilton’s entertaining and rather dramatic recorded visual intro, the penny had not quite yet dropped with regards to Ciara’s presnence (or lack of) and so for a moment I wrongly assumed it was Ciara’s form being lowered from the ceiling, all spotlights focused squarely on her…but then it hit me…it wasn’t some B-list R&B singer being lowered to centre-stage…it was Her…it was Britney Fucking Spears.
Rumour even has it I fainted at the sight of her.
(Close, but not quite)

As already stated, I do not feel I would credit the show sufficiently if I were to attempt to describe it in full, and so I wont.
I feel the need to say, though, that she well and truly DELIVERED, and that the love and adoration for her to be felt in the arena that night, with a dozen plus thousand of her Irish fans present, was phenomenal.
It occurred to me, too, more than ever before, what this wonder woman of a singer has achieved in her rollercoaster of a career spanning over a decade and counting. Looking around the venue, if you could even call it that, at the seas of worshipping faces, young and old(ish), it came to my attention that not many other singers could boast such a following, loyal to her through her extreme highs and lows, as Britney can.
I can’t speak for everyone present, but a life-changing experience was most certainly had by me, anyways.
I’ll never forget that evening 2kai9

A flashback. 21st February ‘10

Ok, so I’ll admit it, Stefani Germanotta (aka Lady Gaga/ Gady Lala/ Lady Gay Gay etc.) knows how to put on a SHOW 2kaiX, and, one could argue, has perhaps a better (and more reliable) taste in supporting acts, with the deliciously camp Semi-Precious Weapons (leeches of her fame) and feel-good Europop group Alphabeat (<3) really psyching the crowd up for her debut Irish performance of the year 2kaiX

The Monster Ball was both an enjoyable and refreshing event, contemporary and rich in pop culture.
Gaga’s set changes, as well as outfit changes, were nothing short of impressive, and even the giant, moving deep-sea fish-monster didn’t quite outdo her raw ability to engage the crowd.
It was only when the Middle Eastern man on my left-hand side whose metabolism had apparently been reduced to a snail’s pace in his middle-aged glory did scream excitedly “Papparazzi! PAPPARAZZI!!!” in response to her having asked the crowd, “what’s the one thing I hate more than money?” (the answer was in fact The Truth, but good guess nonetheless I say) did the revelation hit me like a Blue Waffle to the face, a moment inescapable and jaw-dropping…in little more than a year had Stefani Germanotta created all this for herself, her own musical empire, if you will.

She’d come on the scene, and made it hers, almost, posing a potential threat to even pop icons such as Britney herself, in the near future, in that little time.
A substantial amount of said success can undeniably be credited to her appeal to people of all sorts/ backgrounds/ cultures/ ages (take for example the above mentioned fan-man who was evidently very new indeed to Ireland btw), I feel.
That said, she sure does know her primary target markets, dedicating ‘Boys Boys Boys’ to “all her gay fans”

On the other hand, it can most certainly be said that maybe, just maybe, we as “fans” aren’t taking all this into account, on a long enough time scale…will Gaga really go on to be such a household name for the rest of her musical career, to continue to produce chart-topping hits with the consistency of New York traffic at rush hour, or is she simply a drawn-out fad, destined to be a not-so-hot topic of discussion come this time next year?
After all, unlike Britney, Gaga cant quite claim to have had been “Miss American Dream since she was 17”
In other words, does Lady Gaga have Staying Power?
Only time will tell

(P.S. Fuck You, Ciara…..Whore)


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  1. hahaha this is great, especially for one of your first blogs. i'm very impressed. although there are some minor discrepancies which must be acknowledged, namely, you seem to be incapable of deciding whether or not you like the 'infamous' ciara. other than this it's very entertaining ! well done. (i feel like a teacher correcting an english essay here).