Sunday, March 21, 2010

"We've been investigating things beginning with the letter M"

Just back from Tramore (O happiest of sanctuaries)..its 9 on a sunday and I'm going to bed ASAP cause my oesophagus has been trampled amidst the fun. :-S BAARF! So Imma compose a Eight Things I Hate About You list instead: (its a love list but whatevs)
Awkward Buffalo, the over..there! fingers, double-voiced conscience (“She’s too young”, “She’s Not Young Enough”), The Talking Fridge, abusive mother, verbal hugs ("Keep Cliodhna happy!" "Kill the Asian one!"), overused middle-fingers, “Was it rubber? PVC?”, the Jamie-&-Caoimhe-cars XD, “I don’t remember that cause I was never RETARDEDDD!”, failed prank calls, naked pictures, “D’ja loike directin’, do ya? *tssshhhppppsha*”Arty-choke, FOR-YO-FAN-SH, Baby-flares, BIG WAVE a la tsunami, elbow crease porn, THAT BADMINTON INCIDENT, classy lady tattoo, the bucket, WE NAILED ALOT, whoooo are youuuu? whooooos heeeeee?, mmDOOOO!, waterford matthew and personified animals. I’ve forgotten about a million so feel free to add s’more.
THAT Cinema
We went to see Alice In Wonderland (2.0 por moi) there and its freakin amazeballs. There’s like an arcade inside and they played 7 trailers. SEVEN! It was still all grossly overpriced but HEY!
Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll
In the forms of dabbling in lesbianism, awkward (and sometimes the polar opposite of awkward) sexual advances, merocaine, cigarettes, tasty vitamin C’s and Joan Jett/Glee. OH and there was the Mad Hatter too. Huhhhh!
Aaauughh my immune system is ripped apart from too much tea, tiger bread, cocoa, spaghetti carbonara, crème eggs, this awwwful chocolate cake, pizza, bahji’s, vahji’s, jelly babies, fajitas, coke, galaxy, croissants, crumpets, coffee..
Mmm..visual entertainment
Hardy Bucks, The Midnight Beast, DaxFlame reprised and that insane Freak Out video (watch out for those remotes kids). Along with a slightly gay and very hilarious Jon Stewart (“May I give you this steaming hot cup of Fuck-You?”) and Modern Family (DOG BUTLER..pahh!), the joviality *almost* glossed over the insane awkwardness between us all. More importantly, there was the season finale of Skins: “I’MMM COOOOKKK!”. No, you’re an easy/overused way out of a complicated plot.
Golly Gosh!
Hmm..oh hai i can haz kitsch vintage shop sellinz type writerz wit hawt guy owner? ALLO! I heart my bow tie-headband and cassette necklace. J I actually love Waterford city anyway but that shop was like kaCHINGG!
Mmm..physical entertainment
The aforementioned (ha) partay and..FAME! Far from being a “thanks-for-a-waste-of-our-fuckin-time-Marianne”, it was phantasmagorical. Like, it was ridiculous how talented everyone was, from that “little wan” to some choreographer to the singers to the actors to the set and the lights...yeah, inanimate objects can be talented, what of it?
Some freak said that when we get together, we form one huge superhuman who speaks thoughts through all of our mouths at once. PUH! She speaks like a green girl. But ohh how I love ye pervertedly adorable, uproariously immature beings.

So thats that..not very summary-ish but there's always the power of modern photography for that..

And also, thanks to tha new bloggers..yer posts are GREAT!
lUv fRoM De M's

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  1. love yer blogs :D and glad ye liked fame :)
    - Lou (mar's friend) x
    ps don't mind the username I havnt been on it in years:L