Monday, June 14, 2010

38 Ways To Make Yourself Sound Smarter Using Wise Phrases. by Marc, Bevin, Nooge, Martha, Marianne..and Louis..occasionally

I can't imagine why this wasn't put up earlier..

1. We've all wandered off the path at some point
2. We've all dropped the shovel at some point
3. If the bird doesn't fly why bother?
4. We've all sat on the cactus at some point..
5. If hes gay say nay
6. Sometimes the donkey has to wait at the traffic cone...
7. The rubber duck doesn't always float
8. We all bang the drums
9. If the teddy nods hes saying no...
10. Everyone's inner chair can groan
11. When the door slams just lock it
12. Every pickle has a jar
13. Its not over til the green bong sings
14. At €5.99, don't question the spoon
15. As the blue fish winks dance whole-heartedly
16. When the wind blows think of dolphins with herpes
17. When wearing flippers, always drink low-fat milk
18. Please keep arms and legs inside the mayonnaise lid at all times
19. Cotton wool speaks miles
20. Yet salmon seldom whistles
21. The Dunnes Stores paradox continues
22. Depending on the grapefruit's co-operation
23. Prostitution is always the answer when a
shortage of cornflakes befalls you
23. An elephant in hand, three paramedics in the bush
24. When the sun rises from the east, abstain from eating
table salt (by Louis just now)
25. Don't exaggerate! swim diagonally
26. Red hay makes the world say
27. Why cradle a roast duck?
28. Ikea beckons with a rubber blue gun
29. The radio speaks loudest to the doorknob
30. At times the quill gets too frustrated
31. A lot can happen in a frying pan
32. Cheese
33. Lads are merely goats dressed as apostles
35. Sometimes an old shovel can be better than a best friend
36. Intelligent guessing is for grave robbers
37. A cold lima bean is better than a blue ribbon (Louis..again)
And finally marc..this perhaps being the wisest
thing ANYONE said all night:
38. Okay lets just stop before one of us gets a brain haemorrhage.

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