Thursday, June 3, 2010

OOOHHH YEAH she was taking you ovaah, OH-HH YEAH it was tha start of tha summerrr.

Well, los examenes are thart and amach and I got 505 points! So now I'm determined to make a list (with the help of ItsMichealB*tch) of 50 things to do this summer and eat at least 5 bars of tuc machine's finest galaxy ever day. Trying to come to terms with the end of fifth year tomorrow AND the fact that we have barely a year left in lovely, safe High School before we're shoved out into the world like a premature baby*.
HAHAAHaahalol lOl i cAn Hazz ch1ldh0od bAk plzz?!
Anyway, before my epic plans and retrospective post, here's some glorious summeresque photos;

* Ruáin's baby ofc



  1. <3 this!
    ...especially the pictures!
    ...and the referance to Rúains baby!
    My heart jumped when i saw the words:
    end of 5th year though...I have not come to terms with it yet! :(

  2. I knoww, we're SIXTH YEARS NOW. I never really thought i'd make it or something! Oh well still three months of summer..
    Who is this btw? :L