Thursday, June 10, 2010

A sense of security, of well-being, of summer warmth pervades my memory.

WELL NOW the first five days of summer have whizzed past in a BLUR, and I don't think I could have physically stuffed more lovely experiences into them. :) So to ensure that the next three months will hopefully be just as is my list of 50+ Things; gathered from friends, websites, my brain, public toilets and yoko ono's twitter page.

♥ Make a Lolita-float.
♥ Re-read/read 25 books, some based on films..
♥ Spend the whole day at the library.
♥ Learn how to use a sewing machine.
♥ Tie-Dye a t-shirt or bed sheets
♥ Make popsicles in the freezer
♥ Flirt with someone of the same sex (done :L)
♥ Make at least one new potentialfriend
♥ Make jelly
♥ Stay up for an entire weekend
♥ Insert encouraging messages into helium-filled
balloons and release them. Include your email address.
♥ Kiss someone new
♥ Have a foam/waterfight
♥ Make a mooovie
♥ Try EVERY different drink at local shop. Naymsayin?
♥ Do something that your parents or friends disapprove of (ie: SMOKE A CIGAR)
♥ Go roller-blading
♥ Go outside everyday
♥ “Do the hot one”. ;)
♥ Have a midnight walk
♥ Have a surfing day with ice cream floats & write a letter in a bottle.
♥ Make some peach lemonade.
♥ Watch at least 50 new films
♥ Have a bonfire
♥ Sleep on a trampoline
♥ Make a giant* queen cake with pastel icing
♥ Go to Waterford to revisit Knobby..and those other people
♥ Make a human centipede. BAHAHAHA.
♥ "Do something nice for someone else but don’t tell them it was you".
♥ Lie in the middle of the road for one minute
♥ DRAW PAINT DRAW DRAW..maybe enough for a portfolio?
♥ Meditate for 30 minutes.
♥ Skinny-dip
♥ Go to a PROPER photobooth
♥ Watch the sunrise
♥ Buy the biggest sub humanly possible and have it in the park
♥ “Catch a bee. Freeze it. Let it thaw. See what happens.” Thanks Yoko.
♥ Dye hair silver and cut it like THIS.
♥ Learn at least 5 ukelele songs off by heart
♥ Use michelle’s bubble stick!
♥ Climb a giant* tree.
♥ “Rob something”. Right. Jellies again,so? :L
♥ Figure out religion lad
♥ Go on a bus tour plus COFFEE TOUR around cork
♥ Eat at McDonald’s for breakfast
♥ Study 3 artists
♥ Go to douglas cinemaaaa for old time's sake
♥ MIXTAPE the shit out of everyone
♥ Break into school(s), sign wall(s)
♥ Picnic Day
♥ Facedown as much as possible
♥ Go to the The Bootleg Beatles and to the after party
♥ Camp on the beach and stargaze
♥ Become a Yes Mangirl
♥ Learn morse code
♥Write some fan letters..Terry Gilliam perhapsss?
♥ Hug the ground of every place you’ve been happy. :)

GOODNIGHT AND GOOD LUCK. If y'all have any know where the comment cube is.

*pronounced ‘guy-ant’.

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