Sunday, June 27, 2010

A monkey with a miniature cymbal.

I wrote that title before I watched Doctor Who Confidential and they actually play that song during a scene. EMPLOY MEEEEEEEEEE!
Well season 5 of the great Who is over :( and the only way to describe the finale, not to make light of the word, is EPIC. Half way through the first episode of the double, I thought it was going to be a mediocre, gimmicky, ‘exciting’ wannabe ending to catch the attention of the new Matt-ette viewers, but honestly the effort put into the finale is astounding. I never thought it would be brilliant, especially considering the UNREAL season it was, and I think it wholly defies Stephen Fry’s opinion on current TV shows being "like a chicken nugget. Every now and again we all like it. Every now and again." A resounding EPIC, then.
The last episode :( opens with the beginning of that very first episode exactly, with Amelia Pond inside her house – the house that I will one day own - talking to God/Santa about the crack in her wall. In this rewritten history, no Doctor appears to save her, only a foggy, fez-clad (we’ll revisit THAT later..) silhouette delivering enigmatic post-its and a brochure to the National Gallery. Now that the “silence” is enveloping and erasing all of history, what better place is there to exhibit some historical debris that’s been modified because El Medico is looked up in a box-prison? Nile penguins, daleks and Australian polar bears litter the corridor leading up to the said Pandorica, looming in front of Amelia like the cube from Transformers.
She releases her adult self after being kept alive inside for 1894 years, (“This IS where it gets complicated, kid”), the Amy who has been guarded by new-pimped Rory for the while. BTW does this mean that Amy is actually now older than the Doctor? Hmm. I love the new Robot Rory, he was both likeable and actually talented. AND funny – “Trust the plastic”. After a little River Song/Dalek action, the Doctor, half dead, flies the Pandorica into the exploding TARDIS to create the second Big Band and rewrite/save the universe. Some n3rdsp3ak: because the exploding TARDIS will transfer the reviving-light emanating from the Pandorica to every part of the universe through the cracks in the wall, everything will be restored but changed. BUT The Doctor tells Amy that, as she lived as a quirky little freak her whole life with a crack in the universe on her wall, she has the power to bring people back from the cracks just as she did with Rory. BOOM.
After BB2, the Doctor’s appalling loneliness is emphasised more than ever as he horribly tries to say goodbye to the Girl Who Waited. It actually hits home that he’s much more than a celestial outsider observing and assisting, but that he’s now totally intertwined in Amy’s life, even though now he has to leave. After he visits the sleeping Amelia on the night she waited and tells her the story of his old, borrowed TARDIS, he enters the crack in her wall, allowing all the cracks to close completely, locking himself out of the universe.
For the next 12 years, Amy lives out her life with the family that she had remembered back into existence, including her mother and father who I do NOT like. Amy’s realisation goes pete tong at the wedding (eeefinallyyy!) as she begins to feel that she is forgetting something important. Seeing River and her now-empty blue diary tips her off and she finally remembers that it is the Doctor through his planted memory of something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.Clever,eh? So she manages to save him. With the power of her imagination. Where have we heard that before?
Moving on, The TARDIS appears in the middle of the all too ordinary wedding-eating-hotel-hall (is there a name for them?) and The Doctor steps out in tails, a white bow tie and scarf. NOICE. Maybe I’m being too much of an unprofessional fashion-hoe but Fez me, El Hombre Matt has never looked better. Yes the unfortunately-bombed fez emphasized AUL DAT. Also I related more than any language can ever depict to his “drunken giraffe” dance moves, a style which will hopefully take over soon and gain as much hipster cred as Fish Custard now holds in the tumblr-sphere.
Conclusion? Amy = Totally Boss as companions go.
Especially when she says to The Doctor: “You may definitely kiss the bride”.
On her wedding day. Standing next to Mr. Pond (he will never be anything else to me now).
Why hello there Awky!

Then the trio (yes, Mr. Pond and Amy are sticking around- wahey!) leave for an adventure involving an escaped Egyptian goddess. On the Orient Express. In space, which I hope to God is the Christmas Special! So a brilliant end to a beautiful season. Only 5 months to the next episode.
I know this ‘review’ will be TOTALLY lost on now Who-ites but oh well, watch the episode.

I’m off to a train adventure myself in 8 ½ SWITZERLAND! Geronimo!
Adieu, I expect to see an offensive amount of posts when I return! Apparently someone went to Shanghai?

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