Saturday, April 3, 2010


Omfg, I was writing a post about today but i actually don’t care anymore after watching the new easter special of Doctor Who and debut of MATT SMITH. I felt physically ill with worry at the start of it (like WHAT the fuck was that new intro? :-S It was like a cyberman puked all over it). But I loved the food scene and the way everything was shot, despite the shit over-acting of Monsieur Le Smith. It so so reminded me of THIS and THIS photo by my lord and master, Tim Walker. The initial backround of Amy/Amelia was great too, I mean what girl hasn’t made playdoh models of the Doctor in her room? Just me? Okayyy. When she actually appeared as a grown up laydee, she (like Catherine of Tate before her) flew the flag for Ginger Hotness. Yeah, she did look like a prostitute (or Kissogram, as they’re called these days, apparently) in those seamed stocking but HEY! Besides that, she might possibly be my favourite companion yet, maybe just because of the predecessing obsession/ loneliness/independence which is SO different from the others (yes, even Martha Jones) who at times just seemed like carry-alongs. Then my respect for Matt “Face-Of-Too-Many-Angles” Smith plummeted into the floor again when he said the line “You’ve had some cowboys in here” which, AS WE AAALL KNOW, is a direct David Tennant quote. :’( And don’t get me started on the “wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey”. Noooo! But it was reaaally saved by the depressingly brilliant writing of Stephen Moffat. Homygodd, it had all that signature compressed freakiness of ‘Blink’ but in such a cosy, modern and (sorry for this but..) PARNASSUS-ESQUE surrealness that it carried along the opening New-Doctor-Awkwardness like a used nappy on a smooth ocean wave (we’ve all seen one, kids..Alicante 2008, jus' sayin'). The enemy looked like Sauron’s eye stuck in stalagmites, but here, even more so than the episodes before, the alien shtuff was offset with modern contrasts (ie: webcams, facebook, video phones) to a TEE. BTW, I can totally see a Beyoncé/Matt Smith remix being made on youtube from when he shouted “Videooo Phoooonnne!”. MAKE THAT HAPPEN! Anyway, thaaankfully the rest of the tone was trés Who and there was running/epiphany scenes galore..and..okay, it is..
MATT SMITH WON ME OVER BY THE END OF THE EPISODE. Davidddd, forgivvvveee meeee! I don’t know whether it was the INSPIRED new outfit scene (he stripped..hee hee) or the comforting Tennant-accent or his genuine humour or maybe him saying “Oh you SEXY thing” when he met the new TARDIS (which is surprisingly yummy twee filled with typewriters and taps like that), but yeah, despite my initial hatred of the pear-faced bastard..I really really think he’s gonna be great. And the promo was so looks so far-flung and surreal and just BEAAAUUTIFUL.
PHEWWW that was the nerdiest rant EVER. Well feel free to add to my verbal gagging, I’m going for a cream egg, a lie down and a plan to obtain my new bow-tie & suspender filled wardrobe.

Maartha ♥♥♥

p.s: david, you'll ALWAYS be my favouriteee! :-S

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