Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Shut up. Kick ass.

Okay new obsession.There was Lily,Hayley,Effie,Veronica,Lolita and now there's Mindy Macready - she's the cutesy, adorable killing machine in Matthew Vaughans kick ass, which is one epic movie. Is it the purple wig? the weird leather material skirt? or maybe its the knife wielding awesomeness of her eleven year old self, i dont know. It may well be the fact that she is the ultimate antithesis to the main protagonist Dave. Harshly she is everything he isn't. Dave has charm but com'on its hit girl -She's a cute little cupcake with a goo-y inside of revenge and destruction, killing bad guys kill bill style- her catch phrases a little more superbad-esque- dedicated to her cause and armed with enough determination and charm to do so. If this is bordering on a little humbert humbert for you, fear no further-I simple find a little ray of light in the supposedly foul mouthed assassin ''hit girl''. She makes me wanna go out and learn karate or do something productive with my free time. As a role model she's possibly-in the eyes of the law not the best- but she represents savy street wise, skilled, determined,diligent,hardcore, cute,funny(re:PLEASE see the bat signal joke-DO IT) commited,adorable,loving kid- how many superhero's let alone a young girl have such a vast repertoire as that. Its Simple.She is kick ass. She kick's ass.So i leave you with this life change philosophy from the movie itself.
''I cant fly. But i can kick your ass.''
''I cant read your mind .But i can kick your ass.''
''I cant be invisible .But i can kick your ass.''
''I cant see through walls. But i can kick your ass.''
''Shut Up. KICK ASS.''

Emma ****

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