Thursday, April 8, 2010

Up up-down Down Left right-left Right B-A start! Just because we use cheats doesn't mean we're not smart.

As me and a potential-friend* were discussing earlier this week, perception is 100% subjective to the individual. But, maybe the only thing in the world ever that has to transcend particular opinions is THE ORIGNAL SEGA MEGA DRIVE SONIC THE HEDGEHOG. Holy Guacamole, it is pure, undiluted perfection (not from concentrate). Yesterday, I found all the games from 1991 to 2000 for PC for like €8 in Game, hidden amongst the scrambling nerdy 11-year-olds who I DEFINITLEY CANNOT MENTALLY RELATE TO. And loook hoowww wonderfully shit it issss:

Oh [Ctrl + PrntScrn + Ctrl + V], where would I be without you? NOMNOMNOM! The design is like an 80s workout video mixed with those weird geomtric shapes you get in Paint if you keep pressing Ctrl+I. I never had a Sega Mega Drive (my parents didn’t love me, what of it?) but there was one in my Granny & Granddad’s haus, and I basically hijacked it every time we were over there. Ooh the thrill of the box of Diamond Immortality, the dread of seeing Sonic burst into a thousand rings when he hits a spike or those awful invisible rockets that zoom by like the fish from 'Yellow Submarine'. Or even those pesky epileptic fits induced from all that flashing lilac in the sea (why lilac?).
But my point is, its funny how much weird “pointless” stuff gets sucked into your sub-conscious and firmly stays there. After watching all the demos and revisiting ma old Harry Potter games, so many aspects out of them look suspiciously like every bit of art I did from first year to the junior cert. So sue me, EA Games! Although PC games get a bad name, its obvious that they can have a positive influence, even though we’re cooonstantly led to believe that kids are being exposed to computers and now the internet too early. Computers CAN be so constructive, and not just the graphics from an early 90s arcade game. The internet is better than an encyclopedia. I read an article last week about princess of blogging Tavi Gevinson, and apparently her childhood has been “dented”. Ugh yeah, cause she’d be totally different WITHOUT a verbal public outlet? Righttt. I’m sick of journalists presuming that anyone under the age of 30 is either living in Skins or is a victim of this lightning-quick society. Kids aren’t retarded and usually are a lot more creative AND resourceful than the majority of the adults who use the internet or have blogs. Anyway, adorkable nerdspeak is a skill only attained after years of dedication to Windows 2000, L3mm3 t377 y0u!
And HAY I like Sonic’s logic of jumping on your foes and turning them into bunnies, with a cheeky grin and a blur of Am-ah-zingg red baseball shoes á la Alexander Wang Spring 2010. Anyway, even though that mo’fo’ Green Hill Zone Act 3 is trés (pronounced TREZZ in the French, I believe) difficile, in the words of my B.F.F.E Tony, is "a day of remembering”.
That was your daily stream of consciousness. CLASS DISMISSED.
Martha ♥♥♥

* €2.99 that cost me in hallmark

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