Sunday, April 11, 2010

Be Still, my beating fangirl heart!

Doctor Who Episode 2:
In the words of Humbert Humbert, it was "Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful!". I didn't intend to write about it this week, but it was SO good, I need to. And schools back tomorrow so I need to channel this nervous energy in SOMETHING other than a pointless Hamlet collage. Anygay, as I obsessively aforementioned, the opening episode had really Tim Walker-y elements scattered around, but after seeing this one..I think he actually must be hiding on the Season Five set or something. Starship UK was just a cube of compressed twee, like the land from Paddington Bear meets The Red Shoes. Alien tails hiding in decrepit circus tents, 1950s pubs, beaaaautifully horrific fairground Smilers (want one for over my bed nowplease), fallen chandeliers, fruit markets, goooorgeous wooden buntings, bicycles with baskets and The Doctor's elbow patches with his This Is England rolled-up jeans over booties which I practically worship. OOH LA LA!
Which brings me seamlessly onto my next point: MATT, HOW did I ever doubt you?? I knew this day would come but I didn't expect it to be his the day of his SECOND EPISODE. (see: David, Forgive Me post). I think its because, even though elements are different, he IS still the same character..So sadly romantic and So mentally unstable..nom nom nom. And his skin in that shirt looks like the cream inside a pink Fondant Fancy. This season seems to be genuinely scary too, I literally almost regurgitated a lung in fear when the Smilers stood up out of their booths and WALKED.. The 'Voting Room' was just so fraking cool, with seemingly harmless vintage televisions but with the constant reminder of more sinister going-ons with those Alice-In-Wonderland buttons. "PROTEST" or "FORGET". Mommm?Helpp? And then the shockingly horrendous stuff going on underneath the ship. :O Yowzah, I thought this show was aimed at 12 year olds?! But I liked Liz 10 with that direct Princess Leia quote of "Help me, Doctor, you're my only hope". nerd joke! nerd joke!
Again, Amy is getting better & better..the fact that she's living out her childhood fantasies (NOT LIKE THAT) in a Peter Pan-esque nightie is just soo cool and iconic and brilliant. Its like she escaped the night before she HAD to grow up (on her wedding). Another reason NOT to get married kids! I'm glad this one is truly a quirky freak, not like the past companions wheo were like "Oh-My-Goodness-Aliens-I-Must-Be-So-Out-There-lolz". (I'm looking at you, Martha) PLUS she's by faaar the prettiest. Anyway, thats about all I gots ta sayy..maybe a weekly rant on this from now on? But thank GAWD its back. I'm self-harming in anticipation for episode three!
Martha ♥♥♥

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