Monday, April 5, 2010

I Can Haz Doppelganger?

Some posts don't need an introduction..


  1. Who the blazes is that and where is Iníon Ní Seoige?? I'm kind of glad it's not Quinn actually...


  2. I'm guessing this is £imear? :L Thats Agnes from gossip girl! Inion Ni Seoige said I couldn't take any more Eimear-related photos of her. :(
    OMGGG I just watched Parnassus..we forgot "Its bin a whhhhile" AND the amazing "Yherr her faaather, yherr he loving faaather!". I LOVE YOU MR.NICK!

  3. You never got my permission to put my picture on this, you nannybanger. Nor did you seek my approval to let my private comment be published. You are RUINING my mystique like a highly inappropriate affair ruins the magnetism a child's moral compass.
    I am suing your ass.

  4. OH WELL LOOK WHO TOOK MY METAPHOR AND JUST MADE IT THEIR OWN! well i never. bahhaahaaaa! There are no private comments here btw!

    nd i no understanD nanNibAngEr maw