Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter, Easter, what a ....feaster....

Somebody please tell me they know who this guy is

I've often left him out of the list of most important people/characters in the formation of my Kick-Ass sense of humour, and it is a gross omission indeed. For who else could furnish us nerds such excellent phrases as: 'Look! A three-headed monkey!' , 'You fight like a cow!' and 'That's the second biggest *object* I've ever seen!'.
And my friend Guybrush here isn't the only bloody brilliant character--what about LeChuck the undead pirate, Mayor Elaine Marley, Murray the Skull, the Barbershop Quartet, the Cannibals? GOLD, I tells ya solid frickin' gold.
I've you have not yet experienced Monkey Island I-IV, I urge you to go out and buy it/them. The PC version. Don't kid yourself with a Playstation. Or a Mac for that matter.
*Dick and Dom post to hard ot find the absolute best clips*

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